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Michael Canyon Drebert

Music Composer [ASCAP Memeber since 2001]
Songwriter/Composer/Producer/Editor/Record Label Owner.

Producer and Creator of World Pulse Music©
Michael Founded Milenia Record Label to be in service for Universal and spiritual goals realized in tonal frequency healing. With a fervent belief that music provides solid ground in all planetary culture, as well celestially add to it. Michael holds a Masters degree in music with twenty five years of study in eastern philosophy, has championed the science of numerology translated tonal frequencies into equations and then into music, to begin the healing process. With this remarkable talent, Michael creates a specialized kind of music that vibrates within the physical centers and frequencies within the human chakras. ANGELICAL CHAKRA KUNDULINI RUSH CD. What a rare and wonderful gift for the self Channeled during the appearance of the Hyakutaki comet followed by eleven different Archangel visitations., The frequencies are universally applicable to healing and rebalancing at the soul levels. Applications of this remarkable process are music compositions to perform targeted functions by, such as working at the computers, meditating, or gardening. Michael also composes highly personal “portraits of music” that takes the individual’s frequencies and numerology to create special soul realignment music that comes completely from the vibrations of ones life force to realign where you are now to where you came from to where your going in life. Sacred to only you and yet holds the key to uplift humanity through Gods Work.



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Michael Canyon Drebert

is a composer who writes film scores for motion pictures and television. While working under the likes of Charles Bernstein, Steven Scott Smiley, Robert Etoll, study in Jerry Goldsmith, Michael Champion's template music with triadic reinforcement. As a child prodigy, he began playing piano at the age of five and was privately tutored in Blues/jazz and Classical discipline.

Artist History 
An outstanding pillar to the community.
Creator of WORLD PULSE MUSIC ©1996, Owner of Milenia Records ©1996-2003
(Full Moon Recordings © 1996-2003)(Drance©2003-EnDurance©2004-) (Acidized©2004-2005). Michael performs on-stage musicals he studied acting at the Lucy Stern theatre in Palo Alto. California. Donating time as Judge in the Art and documentary Jury film division at N.E.M.N holding chair position for 5 years Judging Winners for the gold silver and bronze Apple Awards.  Michael comes from a family of Engineers / Inventors and Scientists. He is an adept computer graphic artist and an accomplished webmaster. The Milenia website is an example of his love for graphics.

His greatest passions are channeling the music of peoples charactor  and composing it to music, film, live performance, computer graphics. Michael is highly attuned to both cycles of the earth and celestial events. Most of his recordings take place in conjunction with a full moon, a solar or lunar eclipse and the certain alignments of planets.

The appearance of comets like "Hyakutake" and “Hale bop” brought forth the recordings of the “Angelical Chakra album 1996”, and the profound “Deus” album, 1997 just some of Michaels very fine compositions.






Commercials Collin Colberg directors reel

Student Films
   DESTINY 101

JOVE FILM ( j-film Russian Animation)
   The Adventures of Cheburashka & Friends
   Fairy Tales From Far off Lands
   Masters of Russian Animation Vol, 1&2

Lights In The Night -
  used in the international UFO conference's globally.

A Childs Wish -
  Live performance in the wake of a lost little baby girl.
  News came on the day of
  Michaels performance the little baby "K" was found!
  The profound affect of Michaels performance fuelled
  a single track on Childs Wish  Foundation CD Sampler.

C.A.S.A. (Community Against Substance Abuse) Gym Day -
  Solo Performance for 4,500 attendees - Arena Gym
  Los Gatos High School, Los Gatos, CA

  Produced and Performed in a two day ten act benefit raising
  over $50,000 for "Jerry's Kids" 

One single performance helping raise enough money to keep the doors open to this
  organization's facility for another whole year! (when Governor Wilson shutdown the
  state wide funds for social services)

  Michael Composed and recorded "Release De Luna" as a theme song for the
  Southern California Womans Fight on Breast Cancer.  Take a listen