2012 - Planetary Ascension year 2012

2012 is by many separate sources of wisdom seen as being a portal into what some people call the Golden Age.
 2012 marks, according to the The Mayan Calendar, the ending of Time as we know it and as something old die
something new will be born. The Mayan perspective of 2012 and the current times we live in is very similar
to the view of Kalki and the Golden Age Foundation who is also co-organising the Oneness Festival.
The concept of a coming Golden Age is widely recognised among many spiritual authors, spiritual traditions
and teachers. "I think that by 2012 you will have people that are enlightened (open, honest, caring, loving, united
to the divine) and those that still seek humanity's lower natures (suffering, misery, hate, separation from the divine)
but at least the scale may be tipping more toward enlightened."
Hermes Trismegistus

Sacred Mysteries 2012, The Odyssey Trailer
This is a trailer of a just released movie, 2012, The Odyssey.


Did you know thw mayan calendar comes to a close in 2012?

Did you know that there are other prophecies from all over the world that predict that something amazing is going to happen in 2012?




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